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Readers discuss affordable housing, a new comic, and an anti-Trump Pence

Bronx: Here's my take on affordable housing: We're in a no-win situation. People trust our politicians to make laws for tenants. These...

Readers Ring in the Twitter Archives, Coupon Clippings and Aaron Rodgers

Manhattan: Dear "journalist" Matt Taibbi: If it's true what you say about the FBI pressuring Twitter (and all the big tech companies) to censor...

Readers speak out on racial profiling, cyclists and Ukraine’s weaponry

Rockaway Park: I just read the Daily News article about the numbers and percentages of people stopped for traffic violations or some other problem...

Readers talk about hair loss, clock change and marijuana application

Manhattan: I feel sorry for every bald man on Earth. They did nothing wrong to lose their hair, which can destroy a person's...

Readers talk about versions of January 6, accused witches and a meeting with a bigot

Merrick, LI: During World War II, bomber pilots said that flak was always heavier on the target. It's funny how all these people...

Readers talk about the Veterans Administration, helicopters, and child labor laws.

Aiken, SC: I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Marine Veteran and disappointed to have to ask the Veterans Administration for help. I was...

Readers talk about evangelical Christianity, the ‘awakening’ and the noise of the cameras.

Danvers, Mass.: Jesus has received bad press and needs a brand makeover. Thus, we've all been the subject of the "He's Getting Us"...


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