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FT readers: your favorite cultural highlights in Zurich

© Mark Niedermann/Museum Rietberg, The Rietberg Museum is (dedicated to) non-European cultures. The exhibitions are always interesting and often first class, and the in-house...

Brittany Snow hopes her new book on mental health will help readers feel they’re not alone

Brittany Snow and Jaspre Guest's HarperCollins book September letters: finding strength and connection in sharing our stories is Chicken soup for the soul for...

Readers shocked after Bryon newspaper ad from woman outing her cheating ex was a Jungle Giants promo

Woman criticized for 'lashing out' her cheating husband with a full-page newspaper...

Which consoles do GameStar readers use? You have a surprising favorite – WhatsNew2Day

Xbox or PlayStation? GameStar readers have a clear favorite. PC is the most popular platform among GameStar readers, no question about it. But...

Bonkbuster is back! Why readers are so obsessed with dirty books

From the steamy Bridgerton series to the Sarah Ferguson's latest Mills & Boon "bodice-ripper" book, has made a huge comeback in recent years.And it...

Ask Amy: Readers respond

Dear Amy, “Looking for Grief Etiquette” wrote to you about her grief after suffering a miscarriage.As a retired obstetrician, I have had considerable experience...

Readers sound off on post-war allies, Trump photos and public service accountability

Brooklyn: To Announcer Tim Higgins: General George Patton's recommendation after Germany surrendered in 1945 to rearm the German Wehrmacht and unite with the Americans...


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