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Sex addiction – real condition or excuse for sleaze? Amid Russell Brand scandal, psychologists make the case for AND against condition that is not...

El manual de diagnóstico para psicólogos no lo incluye y muchos médicos no pueden definirlo, sin embargo, hasta 24 millones de personas en los...

Jordan Peterson awaits decision in court battle with Ontario College of Psychologists

Jordan Peterson will find out on Wednesday whether or not the Ontario College of Psychologists overstepped its efforts to sanction him over a series...

Never on time? You may have a little-known condition, psychologists say

Are you constantly missing appointments and late for everything? Have you had to accept being late for events when, in fact, you just forgot...

Could YOU have OCD? Take psychologist’s 12 question quiz

You may have heard someone claim 'I've got OCD' when referring to their cleanliness and orderliness - but what exactly does that mean and...

Do YOU identify as an alien? Psychologists reveal why some people believe they are ‘starseeds’

If you think you're an alien, you're not alone - thousands of people identify as "starseeds" who came to Earth from another planet to...

How to Handle Panic Attacks When They Happen, According to Psychologists

Hyperventilation, chest pains, sweating, and a racing heart are just some of the terrifying symptoms of a panic attack.One in 10 Americans will suffer...


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