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Frasier star Kelsey Grammer returns in the first trailer for Paramount+ revival series… as the warm-hearted psychiatrist reunites with his adult son in Boston

Kelsey Grammer returns as his most iconic character in the first official trailer for his new revival of Frasier.The Paramount+ series, in which the...

Could YOU be conned? Psychiatrist reveals what factors influence the answer – including your personality traits and vulnerabilities

One expert tackled the fascinating subject of whether or not everyone is susceptible to being scammed.Dr Sohom Das, 44, is a London-based forensic psychiatrist,...

Lucy Letby’s scribbled notes that reveal the ONLY glimpse into her twisted mind: Forensic psychiatrist DR SOHOM DAS shares the clues to killer nurse’s...

The closest thing Lucy Letby has to confessing her depraved thoughts and intentions are the post-it notes filled with her tiny scribbles.Detectives suggested that...

Forensic psychiatrist describes the hell passengers inside Titan submarine are going through

Passengers trapped on the missing Titan submersible in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean are likely in 'intense emotional turmoil' as they enter their...

I’m a psychiatrist and here are some signs of narcissistic abuse in relationships

An expert has examined some of the signs of narcissistic abuse in relationships — including apologizing even when it's not your fault and losing...


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