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Progressive Conservatives in Manitoba prioritize opposition to landfill search as a crucial aspect of their election platform

As Manitoba's Oct. 3 election day approaches, the Progressive Conservatives are actively campaigning to oppose the search at a Winnipeg-area landfill for the remains...

Is it Time for the UK to Prioritize UFOs for National Security as NASA Establishes a Taskforce to Investigate Possible Extraterrestrial Visitors?

Britain should follow the United States' example and set up its own UFO task force to investigate possible extraterrestrial sightings, experts have said.They accused...

Study finds Britons prioritize their love for trees over their neighbours

Researchers have discovered that more people have a close relationship with trees than with their human neighbors.A survey designed to judge the importance of...

Canadian government to prioritize digital services | Breaking:

Canadians will soon be able to access and apply for more federal government services online, from passports to payments, says Canada's premier citizen services...

Activist urges Canada to prioritize media literacy in response to foreign interference | Breaking:

As federal parties work out the scope of a possible investigation into foreign interference, Canada's media literacy charity argues that governments and schools need...

The new generation of yuppies prioritize self-employment over corporate careers and luxury cars

Is greed good? Not for today's high-flying entrepreneurs... The 'new yuppies'...

Breaking:: As wildfire seasons worsen, Canadian firefighters prioritize mental health

Fighting forest fires has always been a physically demanding job, but in Canada more and more attention is being paid to its psychological toll.Wildland...


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