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Marvel actor Chris Pratt sparks alarm after revealing he was advised to drink an extreme amount of water that left him ‘peeing all day...

Claims that Marvel star Chris Pratt drank an extreme amount of water daily while filming have alarmed experts.Last week, Vanity Fair shared insight into...

I’m a former flight attendant and here’s why a working life at 38,000ft isn’t always glamorous, from the strains of ‘smiling all day’ to...

Want a high-flying life as a cabin crew?Before sending your resume to a potential airline, pay close attention to the memories of former flight...

Black Mississippi boy, 10, is arrested and carted to jail after cops caught him peeing behind his mother’s car while she visited lawyer’s office

A 10-year-old African-American child broke down in tears last week after being arrested and sent to jail for urinating behind his mother's car.Cops in...

I am a urologist. This is why men should NEVER scroll on their phone while peeing (not even in a urinal)

Arguably nothing epitomizes the cell phone addiction of modern society more than seeing men lined up at the urinal stalls, phones in hand.But doctors...


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