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Is this China’s Loch Ness monster? Bizarre ’50ft-long creature’ is spotted in lake

A woman has claimed to have seen the Chinese Loch Ness Monster after spotting a 15m-long creature in a small lake.Captured in footage, Ms...

The Allure of the Loch Ness Monster: Unraveling the Human Fascination with the Unexplained

Tanto los académicos como el público en general han estado buscando al monstruo del Lago Ness durante cientos de años. Conocida cariñosamente como Nessie,...

Another Nessie sighting! 12-year-old girl says she also spotted Loch Ness monster in 2018 – and has the picture to prove it

A 12-year-old girl said she spotted the Loch Ness Monster in 2018 and has the footage to prove it.Charlotte Robinson from Leeds in Yorkshire...

Study Claims Loch Ness Monster is Not Simply a Giant Eel

It was a story destined for headlines: a lone beast lurking in the waters of a picturesque Scottish loch.Was it a crocodile, a fish,...

Queer Eye’s beauty expert Jonathan Van Ness shares their best hair care tips for those on a budget

Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness has shared his top tips for keeping your locks healthy through the winter months without breaking the bank. Jonathan...

Labour’s Eliot Ness Tarnishes Own Reputation by Spreading Baseless Accusations, Claims Dan Hodges

Shortly after Sir Keir Starmer was elected Labor leader, one of his advisers explained to me how he would be sold to the British...


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