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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Tag: NeoNazis


Moment Aussie bloke shuts down neo-Nazis after gatecrashing a Voice rally

A man threw a devastating jet at neo-Nazis who were trying to join a no march earlier this weekend.In the video posted on social...

Darren West accuses Aussies of ‘voting with neo-Nazis’ if they vote No in the Indigenous Voice referendum

Darren West accuses Australians of 'voting with neo-Nazis' if they vote no...

‘Most frightening thing I have seen in my life’: Neo-Nazis wave swastikas by Georgia synagogue

Worshipers at a synagogue in Georgia were outraged on Saturday to find neo-Nazis protesting outside their temple. A dozen members of the “Goyim Defense...

Neo-Nazis who held rally outside Disney World were from ‘Order of the Black Sun’ hate group

The group of neo-Nazis who demonstrated outside Disney World belonged to a newly created hate group identified as the Order of the Black Sun...

Australia Nazi threat: Spy says neo-Nazis emboldened

The country's top spy has confirmed that neo-Nazis are on the rise in Australia, but warned that espionage remains the biggest threat to national...

Victoria Police ‘appalled’ after Melbourne neo-Nazi’s violent anti-immigration protest

Victoria Police have criticized the 'appalling' behavior of protesters at a CBD rally after a violent clash broke out between neo-Nazis and anti-racism protesters....

Neo-Nazis give Hitler salutes at trans protest outside Parliament House in Melbourne, Victoria

The shocking moment a gang of far-right thugs marched down a busy Melbourne street performing the Hitler salute has been caught on camera on...


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