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Sunday, October 1, 2023

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In Major Reversal, Gulf Moviegoers Are Now Traveling to Saudi Arabia to Watch Films Banned at Home

In his 2006 documentary Cinema 500km, Saudi filmmaker Abdullah Al Eyaf detailed how Saudis who wanted to visit the cinema had to travel to...

Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan admits his ‘artistic sound choice’ is to blame for moviegoers struggling to hear mumbled lines

Christopher Nolan has admitted that an "artistic choice" he makes while filming could be to blame for viewers struggling to hear what is being...

EXCLUSIVE: Sound of Freedom director and producer rail against movie’s ‘faith-based’ label and its use to prejudice moviegoers – as they open up about...

It may be the highest-grossing independent film of the year, but Sound of Freedom barely saw the light of day thanks to big Hollywood...

Ezra Miller’s The Flash receives poor opening numbers at the box office as moviegoers boycott film

Ezra Miller-directed film The Flash receives poor opening box office numbers as...

Reddit: Moviegoers Reveal The Most Ridiculous – And Hilarious – Reasons They Disliked A Movie

The way a person reacts to movies can be determined by a number of different reasons. But more often than not, moviegoers have...


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