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Picasso, monster or genius? Philanderer, misogynist, narcissist… a new show explores the dark side of the maestro of modern art

Few true geniuses are unproblematic by today's standards. Elvis? Priscilla was 14 when they met. Roald Dahl? Anti-Semite. Ernest...

Monster Hunter Now strips the MonHun experience down to its very basics

There are few game titles more literal than Monster hunter. This is a world full of monsters and your job is to hunt...

Hurricane Lee update: East coast on edge with storm set to strengthen again to category four – bringing monster waves and lethal riptides as...

Hurricane Lee is expected to increase to category four again, causing monster waves and deadly currents this weekend, even if the coastline is spared...

Is this China’s Loch Ness monster? Bizarre ’50ft-long creature’ is spotted in lake

A woman has claimed to have seen the Chinese Loch Ness Monster after spotting a 15m-long creature in a small lake.Captured in footage, Ms...

The Allure of the Loch Ness Monster: Unraveling the Human Fascination with the Unexplained

Tanto los académicos como el público en general han estado buscando al monstruo del Lago Ness durante cientos de años. Conocida cariñosamente como Nessie,...

Another Nessie sighting! 12-year-old girl says she also spotted Loch Ness monster in 2018 – and has the picture to prove it

A 12-year-old girl said she spotted the Loch Ness Monster in 2018 and has the footage to prove it.Charlotte Robinson from Leeds in Yorkshire...


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