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The Price of Bad Driving Habits: Door Slamming and Skipping Car Washes.

Whether you drive a Bentley Continental or a Ford Fiesta, all car owners know that feeling of sinking when you realize it's time for...

The Surprising Way Your Car’s Seatbelt Could Rescue Your Life

How Your Car's Seatbelt Could Save Your Life (and It's Not the...

New research ‘determines’ which common cars are the most aesthetically pleasing (and unappealing)

The Audi A3 is the best looking car for everyday use, one study has suggested - while a Kia Picanto is the worst. Autotraders...

ASDA to employ driverless cars for food delivery in London.

Asda to deliver customers across London with self-driving cars in 'Britain's largest...

The Austin Allegro’s Fanatics Beg to Differ: Is this Really Britain’s Most Terrible Car?

For millions of people, the Austin Allegro epitomizes the misery of 1970s Britain: unreliable, uncomfortable and ugly.Get ready for some pink nostalgia though as...

Can You Pronounce BMW Correctly? According to a Study, Only 5% of UK Drivers Can.

As you frown at the stubble-chinned businessman weaving through the highway traffic in his flashy car, you may find yourself uttering a few choice...


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