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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Reddit’s replacement mods may be putting its communities at risk

Reddit moderator purge could have real impacts about the reliability and security of information while rushing to replace mods with inexperienced and poorly vetted...

Today I learned about these cool DIY mods that make modern gamepads one-handed.

If you need to use a modern game controller with just one hand instead of two, why not give it Akaki Kuumeri 3d printed...

Reddit will remove mods of private communities unless they reopen

Reddit has notified moderators of protesting communities that are still private that they will lose their mod status by the end of the week,...

Reddit is telling protesting mods their communities ‘will not’ stay private

Reddit is pressuring moderators who have set their subreddits to private to reopen their communities this week, according to posts seen by The edge....

Reddit mods are calling for an “affordable return” for third-party apps

Commit to exploring ways third-party applications can deliver affordable returns.Commit to providing moderation tools and accessibility settings (on Old Reddit, New Reddit, and mobile...

Reddit pressures mods to end the blackout as they find new ways to protest

Reddit appears to be stepping up pressure on moderators to open up communities that were closed during the blackout protest against recently announced platform...

Can you get banned if you use mods in GTA Online?

Many players love modifications or Mods, so to speak, in order to add more fun and do things that players have always wished...


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