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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Virginia mom, 38, who gave 15 and 5 year-old daughters melatonin gummies then shot them dead is jailed for 78 years

A former prostitute who lulled her two daughters to sleep with melatonin gummy bears before shooting them has been sentenced to 78 years in...

Nearly HALF of parents have given children under 13 melatonin to help them sleep – despite risk of side effects

Nearly half of parents in the United States have given melatonin, a sleep supplement, to their children under 13.a survey conducted by the American...

A migraine cure is as simple as some melatonin tablets

Scientists suggest that sleep is the main driver of migraine misery for millions.About 35 million Americans and 6 million Brits suffer from migraines, yet...

Cheap melatonin supplements may fight childhood DEPRESSION, study suggests

Cheap melatonin pills before bedtime may help combat childhood depression, study suggests.Researchers in Sweden followed 25,500 children ages 6 to 18 who took a...


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