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The Power of Yawns: Enhancing Vigilance in Others as a Safety Measure When Fatigue Strikes

Researchers found that seeing someone yawn makes people more alert to threats...

Coles high-tech security measure could lead to ‘distrust’

Australia's two biggest supermarkets are stepping up efforts to tackle theft and violent behavior in their stores - but experts say it could lead...

Aussie real estate agents wear body cameras during home inspections as security measure against ‘difficult’ renters

Australian estate agents wear body cameras during home inspections as a security...

Ohio voters reject ballot measure in favor of abortion rights advocates: GOP-led effort would have made it harder to change state constitution

Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected a Republican-backed measure that would have made it harder to change the state's constitution, a move to prevent a November...

Breaking:: Coast Guard Implements Innovative Measure to Address Widespread Abandoned Boat Issue in British Columbia

The Canadian government's inventory of wrecked, abandoned or dangerous boats includes a US warship, an abandoned floating McDonald's known as the McBarge, a people...

The imperfections of BMI as a measure of health and the complexities of finding its replacement | Breaking:

Vishal Gentle isn't the avid gym goer he was before his daughter was born a few months ago.But the new dad said he does...


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