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Exploring the ‘boy math’ phenomenon: Females on TikTok humorously highlight men’s notorious habits including height exaggeration and reliance on 7-in-1 shampoo

You may have heard of 'girl math' - with hundreds of women using TikTok to explain the logic of their spending habits - but...

Fury as ZERO children at 13 Baltimore state schools pass math exam – as parent groups call on leaders to step down

A series of schools in Baltimore have sparked outrage after zero students passed their state math exams, with nearly 75 percent receiving the lowest...

Kaitlyn Cannon whose former New Jersey math teacher Christopher Doyle posted nudes she sent to her boyfriend on a revenge porn site gets just...

A woman whose former maths teacher posted 14 nude photos of her on a revenge porn site - where users can search for photos...

OJ Simpson blasts Henry Ruggs’ ‘lenient’ jail sentence for killing woman and her dog in 155mph drunken fireball crash: ‘The math doesn’t add up’

OJ Simpson on Wednesday criticized the sentence given to former NFL player Henry Ruggs for being too lenient over his own prison sentence for...

LeBron James-backed ‘I Promise School’ yields ‘discouraging’ results: NO eighth grader has passed state math test in three years

LeBron James-backed 'I Promise School' yields 'discouraging' results: NO eighth grader has...

Outrage as woke school board cut AP math classes for being too white and Asian

Parents in a Massachusetts school district are expressing disappointment over a decision years ago to eliminate advanced placement math in middle school.Cambridge Public Schools...


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