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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tag: libido


‘I’ve been chemically castrated’: Anxiety patient, 33, warns men against SSRI pill that stripped his ‘hypersexual’ libido and made him suicidal

A man stripped of his libido by a condition caused by taking an SSRI pill says he feels like he's been 'chemically neutered'. The...

The bizarre ‘movement’ resurrecting women’s flailing libido by giving them mind-blowing orgasms

Women claim they've revived their slack sex drive thanks to a bizarre new trend that seems to be sweeping the US. The craze, nicknamed...

Low libido? Zapping the clitoris with electrical impulses could help boost sex drive

It's a problem that affects up to 40 percent of women, but thanks to an unusual new therapy, low sex drive could soon be...


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