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New video sees Adam Abdallah bailed after allegedly breaking soccer referee Khodr Yaghi’s jaw

Boxer accused of breaking football referee's jaw in sickening alleged attack has...

Referee Khodr Yaghi breaks silence after he was left with broken jaw after post-match attack

Football referee who suffered a broken jaw and broken ribs in a...

Padstow Park brawl: Soccer referee left with broken jaw and missing teeth in brawl caught on camera

Sickening moment when football referee is left with a broken jaw and...

Possibly linked to boy drowned in 1940, a mysterious blackened human jaw discovered on Umina Beach

A blackened human jaw found on an Australian beach nearly three years ago is now believed to belong to a 15-year-old boy who drowned...

I Was Bullied For Looking Like A Chipmunk, So I Had $200,000 Surgery To Change My Jaw

A 22-year-old woman who says she was mercilessly bullied for looking like a 'squirrel' because of her unique jawline has had $200,000 surgery to...

Martha Stewart, 81, drops her jaw as she serves yet another thirst trap

Martha Stewart, 81, has jaws dropping as she delivers another thirst trap...

Two cats rescued from steel jaw traps in Perth, WA

Urgent warning about 'barbaric' steel-jaw traps as heartbreaking photos emerge of two...


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