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Is THIS where Earth got its water from? NASA’s James Webb discovers H2O around a mysterious comet

It is well known that Earth is unique among the rocky planets in our solar system because of the vast oceans of liquid water...

How NASA’s James Webb is leading the search for alien life that could be detected in ’25 years’

Humans are about to discover alien life on a distant planet.This is according to scientists who said that based on everything known about physics,...

A mesmerizing image of the collision between two spiral galaxies captured by James Webb

It was created to look back at the dawn of the universe and capture the spectacular beauty of space.And that's exactly what NASA's James...

Scientist warns that the James Webb telescope continues to uncover galaxies that defy conventional understanding.

Scientists claim that NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) continues to discover galaxies too big to exist.Six of these star clusters are too massive...

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope spots a huge star on the brink of going SUPERNOVA

This amazingly detailed image captures the rare sight of a massive star's dying days before exploding into a supernova and collapsing into a black...

Elvis Presley’s private plane arrives in Florida ready to be transformed into an RV

Elvis Presley's beloved private plane will be transformed into an RV after sitting in a New Mexico desert for nearly 40 years. Jimmy's World...

James Webb spots six massive galaxies that are so old they shouldn’t exist

NASA's new super space telescope is built to look back to the beginning of time and give us clues about how the universe came...


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