‘Flying barndoor’ eagle returns to the Isle of Wight after two years

A rare bald eagle known as the ‘flying barndoor’ has returned to the Isle of Wight after flying around Europe…

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How cancer can make you speak in an IRISH accent: American man who had never visited the isle

A cancer-stricken man woke up to discover he suddenly had an Irish accent – ​​despite never having been to the…

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Scientist revisits High Down missile test site on Isle of Wight

It looks like the abandoned set of a James Bond movie: two giant missile test pads connected by an arched…

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Water tower on Isle of Man with Grand Design plans is available for sale

Fancy putting your money into a grand design? Isle of Man’s historic water tower with plans to become a four-bedroom…

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Climate is reshaping the life of gannets on Quebec Isle

Global warming and overfishing are changing the lives of these birds by driving fish deeper into cooler waters and sometimes…

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