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Photos: Memorable quotes from the war in Iraq

Twenty years after Iraq was invaded by a "coalition of the willing" led by the United States under former President George W. Bush, the devastation left by the long war that followed is still visible in parts of the country . Hundreds of…

Legacy of the Iraq War

Video Duration 04 minutes 26 seconds 04:26Legacy of the Iraq War | Between us By: Between us"The war in Iraq continues to affect the population."20 years ago, the US led an invasion of Iraq over the alleged existence of weapons of

How US propaganda won Iraq’s ‘battlespace’

Now that it's been 20 years since the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, the politics of memory is sure to resurface along familiar fault lines. Has the Bush administration irreparably damaged American prestige by leading the country into…

Iraq and Iran sign deal to tighten border security

Iraqi officials say the move is intended to strengthen the border with Iraq's Kurdish region, where Tehran says armed Kurdish dissidents pose a security threat.Iraq and Iran have signed a border security agreement, a move Iraqi officials…

What is the legacy of the Iraq War?

By: Within storyThe war in Iraq has reshaped the country and affected the region.Twenty years ago, life in Iraq changed forever. American and British forces rolled into the country, unleashing a wave of destruction that would topple…