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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Scientists invent tiny brain cancer device that is the size of a grain of rice and could treat glioblastomas that killed Beau Biden and...

Neurosurgeons have developed a device the size of a grain of rice which they hope could be a breakthrough in the treatment of deadly...

The ‘Global Majority’ is a sinister and insulting term for anyone who is not white – this fashionable new phrase only peddles racial division,...

This is sinister. The Global Majority sounds like a phrase invented by a deranged cult leader or the villain in a superhero movie.In fact,...

Could this be the final profanity remaining? Mathematician devises algorithm to invent a fresh vulgar term

This Is The Ultimate Curse, According To Science: Mathematician Creates Whole New...

Men, are you a ‘cultivator’ or a ‘shower’? Experts invent scientific definition to verify

It's a popular wardrobe colloquialism that many considered an urban myth.But scientists have discovered that some men actually fall into two categories when it...


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