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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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The immersive project ‘Tulpamancer’ from Venice brings dreams to life through AI

A new art installation at Venice Immersive — the film festival's VR side bar — promises to make dreams come true, or at least...

Breaking: unveils new virtual exhibit, offering visitors an immersive peek into Parliament

The Library of Parliament has launched a new virtual tour of Parliament Hill to give visitors a glimpse of the Houses of Commons and...

Experience The First Descendant open beta with immersive DualSense controller features

Greetings. I'm Beomjun Lee, the leader of The First Descendant project. The long wait is finally over. The First Descendant crossplay...

Everspace 2’s immersive features allow captivating interstellar travel – out Aug 15

In Everspace 2, take to the stars through a sprawling sci-fi adventure story spanning multiple star systems. As Adam, a former military clone...

Microsoft Teams adds spatial audio for more immersive conference calls

“Teams Spatial Audio aligns each participant's perceived audio location with their video representation to make it easier for users to track who is speaking,...

Playing Lanebreak on the Peloton Tread turned me into an immersive fitness believer

I understand their usefulness and why someone might want one. But to me they are a last resort, to be used only when...

Portal’s Mac app helps users focus with immersive backgrounds and audio

Productivity boosting app Portal has been launched a Mac app. The company helps users regain their focus and become more productive with immersive...


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