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Witness: Iran unveils a hypersonic ballistic missile

Official Iranian sources stated that the missile's range...

Iran unveils ‘its first hypersonic ballistic missile’ which ‘can bypass Israel’s Iron Dome’

Iran presented what officials described as its first domestically-made hypersonic ballistic missile on Tuesday, the official IRNA news agency reported, an announcement likely to...

How China’s Hypersonic Missiles Pose Unique Threats and Undermine US Power in the Pacific: An Aerospace Engineer’s Explanation

China's newest hypersonic missile, the DF-27can fly as far as Hawaii, penetrate US missile defenses and a particular threat to...

Putin’s state TV puppets call for Rishi Sunak to be targeted with a hypersonic missile

Leading Russian state television pundit Vladimir Solovyov has called on the Russian military to target Rishi Sunak with hypersonic missiles and arm the IRA...

Russia detains three hypersonic rocket scientists on treason charges despite outcry

Three of Vladimir Putin's leading hypersonic scientists have been arrested on suspicion of high treason in what fellow scientists have called a 'witch hunt'...

A company is constructing a hypersonic aircraft powered by hydrogen.

Since Concorde, passengers have not managed to travel at supersonic speeds from London to New York in less than three hours.But with advancements in...


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