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Experts warn: artificial intelligence risks the extinction of humanity

A group of business leaders and experts, including...

AI ‘could wipe out humanity,’ some of the biggest names in technology warn

Artificial intelligence could lead to the destruction of humanity, some of the biggest names in technology have warned.A dramatic statement signed by international experts...

More than a FIFTH of humanity will be exposed to dangerously hot temperatures by 2100, study warns

Current climate policies will expose more than a fifth of humanity to dangerously high temperatures by 2100, a study warns.Led by scientists at the...

WHO: Covid has cost humanity millions of years of life

The World Health Organization said on Friday that...

AI will increase inequality and raise tough questions about humanity, economists warn

On November 30, 2022, OpenAI launched the AI ​​chatbot ChatGTP, making the latest generation of AI technologies widely available. ...

Elon Musk wants to save humanity from AIs by developing his own AI – WhatsNew2Day

Is there a tech billionaire you hear more about than Elon Musk? The founder of Tesla and SpaceX looks for a new field...


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