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Jana Hocking: I was having the best casual sex of my life but I broke the golden rule and ruined it

Let's face it, winter brings not only morning frosts, but also long cold nights that are best spent between a man's legs.I find that...

JANA HOCKING: The raunchiest celebrity sex story I know and the star who is an expert in the sack

I'm going to say something wildly unpopular but true: Sex with a celebrity is different.I'm sorry, but it is. There's the adrenaline rush...

People are having sex everywhere except the bedroom claims JANA HOCKING

Confession: I've become a fan of putting it on outside the bedroom. I discovered this recently after a very raunchy night on top...

JANA HOCKING: The best day to find love online, and it’s all about when singles feel the MOST single

Imagine it's Sunday morning. I've woken up with a slight hangover and feel like getting a little frisky. I roll over in bed...

Jana Hocking: There’s a dirty X-rated secret employees are keeping from their bosses

It's not often that I feel left out when it comes to sexy antics. I've been frisky in the great outdoors, considered a...

Jana Hocking Unveils a Discreet and Racy Secret Many Men Conceal from Women.

Question for the dudes, when did you decide that watching your partner have sex with another man was the hottest thing on the planet?Seriously,...

JANA HOCKING explains how to be aware of your boyfriend’s infidelity

Unpopular truth: you know if your partner is cheating on you. Now you can stomp your feet and insist you were completely surprised, but...


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