Rise in Middle-Aged White ‘Deaths of Despair’ may be fueled by declining faith, report argues

The collapse of religion in the US may be fueling a wave of suicides, drug overdoses and alcohol abuse deaths…

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Jets’ Hardee, a Pro Bowl selection fueled by memory of his mother

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Justin Hardee gently brushed the snow off his mother’s headstone, enough so that he could…

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How a cash-printing splurge for central bans fueled two empires built on lies

In the days, months and years after the ‘Great Financial Crisis’ of 2007-2009, central banks went on a splurge of…

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Ohio measles outbreak may be fueled by vaccine misinformation, health official says: ‘We’re all going to pay dearly for it’

DAYTON, Ohio (wdtn) – An Ohio health official says declining vaccination rates likely contributed to a measles outbreak in the…

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Wieambilla police shooting: Inside the wild online conspiracy theories that fueled the Train family murderers

The shooting deaths of six people during an ambush in Queensland should be a wake-up call to Australians about the…

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AP VoteCast: Voters fueled by concern for naton

Research shows that a majority of voters are concerned about the direction the country is heading. (8 NOv. 8)

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Government warns of heightened threat to 2022 elections fueled by rise domestic violent extremism 

The US government has warned of a “heightened threat” to the midterm elections, with the contests being potential triggers for…

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