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WNBA app rolls out TikTok-style video feed to attract younger fans

The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) is the latest organization to focus on short videos to attract more users. The competition announced It...

Amazon’s TikTok-esque Inspire shopping feed is now available to all US customers

Amazon's in-app TikTok-like shopping feed is now available to all customers in the United States, the company website. The feature was rolled out...

How a mother of six, who shed 34kg within nine months, manages to feed her family economically

A mum-of-four who lost 34kg in nine months by preparing healthy meals weekly and participating in a weight loss challenge has revealed how she...

Why using more fertilizer and feed doesn’t necessarily increase dairy farming profits, but increases climate damage – WhatsNew2Day

New Zealand is in an unusual position in the developed world when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. About...

Elon Musk says ‘the NYTimes hype isn’t even interesting’ and their Twitter feed is ‘diarrhea’

"The New York Times Magazine's sponsored hype isn't even interesting," Musk says...

Why Scientists Say You Should Feed Your Dog These Veggies Instead of Traditional Treats

It can be hard to resist those puppy dog ​​eyes watching you when you're cutting up a piece of chicken or cheese.But sneaking morsels...


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