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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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American Idol runner-up Megan Danielle claims show was ‘rigged’ in favor of Iam Tongi

'God made it happen for a reason': American Idol finalist Megan Danielle...

The Supreme Court rules in favor of Twitter and Google, avoiding the Article 230 issue for now

On Thursday, the Supreme Court resolved two adjacent cases to hold social platforms liable for dangerous content. The two cases, Twitter v. Taamneh...

NHS pay offer accepted by midwives with 57% in favor and 43% against

Midwives vote to accept NHS offer, with 57% in favor and 43%...

A suggested rewritten title is: “ANDREW NEIL: Those in favor of the Union should hope for a stable and lengthy tenure for SNP’s Humza...

The SNP's fall from grace has been spectacular, both in speed and magnitude. If anyone had submitted What Happened as a draft script...


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