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Check your phone NOW: 19 devices have facial recognition that can be tricked with photos

Since its launch on the iPhone X in 2017, facial recognition has become an important feature on most smartphones.But while the technology is undeniably...

Ailing Dianne Feinstein, 89, suffers from ‘facial paralysis’ and ‘vision impairments’

The state of health of an ill Democratic senator is much worse than expected, according to the media.The New York Times reported on Thursday...

Abbie Chatfield reveals she has ‘facial dysmorphia’ after hours on set with hair and makeup

Abbie Chatfield has revealed she suffers from facial dysmorphia and "can't remember what she looks like" after spending hours on set getting her hair...

Woman awakens with facial pain and learns of brain tumor diagnosis.

A mother of two who woke up with an electric shock-like pain on the right side of her face was shocked to discover a...

“Negative Judgments Placed on Woman with 14 Facial Tattoos, Labeling Her as a ‘Bad Mom’ and ‘Criminal'”

The mother of four with 14 face tattoos has revealed that people assume she's a "bad mom" because of her inks, with some people...

While filming The Penguin, Colin Farrell’s appearance is transformed with facial prosthetics.

This actor is known for his chiseled good looks and Irish charm, but looked strikingly different on Thursday as he continued filming for the...


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