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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Resident Evil 2 remake has sold over 11.9 million copies

Japanese publishing company Capcom shares its game sales numbers Which has sold more than a million...

Capco asks: What’s the next Resident Evil game you want to remake?

It looks like Capcom is going ahead with its strategy to remake the most popular Resident...

Capcom is asking about the next Resident Evil game you want! | -WhatsNew2Day

With the success of the latest Resident Evil remake, many fans of the series are wondering about the future of the series, and...

Stan Grant says ABC coronation ‘evil abuse’ ‘would not have happened to a white person’

Stan Grant's "evil, mean, hateful" abuse after appearing on an ABC TV panel criticizing the monarchy during the coronation of King Charles III "would...

It’s critical we stop China’s ‘dystopian’ use of AI technology ‘for evil’ Gallagher says

Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Communist Party of China Mike Gallagher is adamant that the United States must step up its...

Evil West developer is working on an ambitious third-person action game

Over the past two years, the Flying Wild Hog studio has been busy with many new...

Rumour: Resident Evil 9 will star Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine

Previous rumors talked about the existence of a Resident Evil 9 game in development, and thanks...


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