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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Archaeologists Unearth New Riches in Enigmatic Underwater City off Egypt’s Coast, Dating Back Over a Millennium

Archaeologists have discovered new treasures from Heracleion, the "lost" Egyptian city that sank into the Mediterranean Sea more than 1,000 years ago. The...

Dissecting England’s Enigmatic White Horses: Scholars Unveil the Origins of the Elusive Hillside Figures – and Forewarn Their Imminent Vanishing from the British Landscape

Dotted across England's countryside is a curious feature that often takes tourists by surprise: huge horses dragged up chalk hills, up to hundreds of...

Scientists Uncover Enigmatic ‘Dark Spot’ on Neptune: Massive Void Equivalent to 20 Grand Canyons Found

When it comes to planets with large spots, Jupiter and its famous Great Red Spot may come to mind. But a study has shed...

Unveiling the Enigmatic Manitoba Herd: Motion-Activated Cameras as Guides to Understanding Caribou Behavior and Wolf Appearances

Wildlife scientists from two provinces are using motion-activated cameras to try to discern why a caribou population in northern Manitoba appears stable while herds...

Ex-Clarington Mayor Identified as Enigmatic Consultant ‘Mr. X’ in Greenbelt Report, Say Sources – Breaking:

The mysterious development consultant whom Ontario's integrity commissioner identified only as "Mr. X" in a scathing report on Greenbelt land removal has been identified...

Conspiracy Theories Abound as Enigmatic ‘Pyramid’ Discovered beneath Antarctic Ice

The mysterious 'pyramid' under the Antarctic ice drives conspiracy theorists crazyThe huge...

Breaking:: The Enigmatic Old Thom: A Familiar Yet Elusive Killer Whale

Just as Captain Ahab was obsessed with Moby Dick, Grand Manan Island has its own whale of myth and legend.His name is Old Thom,...


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