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Maria abandons Danny, 34, after a calamitous blind date goes completely awry.

Maria, 38dating the past I've been single for 17 years, apart from a relationship that lasted about six months.What is the prehistory of nerves?...

Stopping my Brother from Exploiting His Wife: Bel Mooney’s Question

Dear Bell,I am writing for advice on behalf of my brother's wife - who is married to my only brother.Their 27-year-old son still lives...

Goals for Couples to Enhance Sexual Relationship and Overcome Intimacy Issues, Shared by Therapist Todd Baratz

A relationship expert has revealed the sexual goals all couples should have to improve their intimacy. Todd Baratz, from the US, is a certified...

Expert Louanne Ward reveals why you shouldn’t be completely honest on a first date

Why your honesty has been turned off: A relationship expert warns of...

Signs and red flags that you’re dating one of the “scariest” types of people

A leading relationship expert reveals the subtle signs you're dating a 'silent abuser' and why they're the most dangerous type of partner.Luanne tells Ward...

Woman criticized for checking husband’s pockets before doing laundry: Reddit Australia

A heated controversy after the woman's husband lost her to her because...


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