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The Ultimate Debate: Handkerchief vs. Tissue – Which is More Effective for Trapping Sneezes and Coughs?

Maybe you have hay fever, COVID, a cold or the flu and you're looking for a tissue or handkerchief.But which one is best for...

Birmingham City Council declares effective bankruptcy

Birmingham City Council has effectively gone bankrupt as it says it will...

As a phone repair specialist, I present five effective techniques to accelerate your aging iPhone amidst concerns over potential ‘batterygate’ issues

With the release of the iPhone 15 right around the corner, owners of older iPhones are getting ready for their devices to slow down,...

Brita water filters sued over claims they are ‘not nearly as effective’ as they say at removing toxic chemicals

Los Angeles resident filed suit in California court alleging misleading advertisingBrita is...

Privacy Expert Reveals Effective Methods to Prevent Phone Eavesdropping and Intrusion

Gaël Duval, data privacy advocate and maker of Murena smartphones (Image supplied/Murena)From where you go...

Ozempic and Wegovy can reverse heart disease symptoms: Slimming jabs offer hopes of cure as study suggests they are three-times more effective than existing...

Weight-loss injections can reverse symptoms of heart disease, in a breakthrough that offers hope to half a million Britons.A landmark global trial found that...


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