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Footy star Caleb Poulter hates barbecue sauce. So what happens when his influencer girlfriend tricks him into eating it by the spoonful?

You need to be on guard when your girlfriend is a popular social media influencer, as AFL star Caleb Poulter recently found out the...

Brits, US and Irish tourists are hospitalised with botulism after eating sardines at a Bordeaux restaurant – with one woman killed

British, American and Irish tourists are hospitalized with botulism after eating sardines...

Captured fugitive killer Danelo Cavalcante survived two weeks on lam by eating watermelon and burying his poop in bid to evade tracking attempts

Escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante survived his two weeks on the run by eating watermelon, drinking stream water and covering his feces to avoid being...

Mother reveals how she spotted toddler’s cancer symptom while she was eating dinner

A mother has revealed how she spotted her daughter's cancer symptom while she was having dinner.Danielle Prior, from Surrey, was feeding 18-month-old Evie earlier...

Texas man in his 30s dies from flesh-eating bacterial infection he caught from eating raw oysters

By Luke Andrews, health reporter for Dailymail.Com Published: ...

Results are in! Experts reveal truth about eating black watermelon seeds

Watermelon has long been haunted by a harmful old wives' tale Few...


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