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Study finds women perceive funny men as more intelligent and higher earners, challenging stereotypes

Men can actually laugh women into bed; A good sense of humor makes men seem smarter and more likely to make a lot...

Why Anthony Albanese’s new scheme to help low-income earners buy a house will cause prices to rise

Anthony Albanese's plan to subsidize home purchases for low- and middle-income people will only drive prices up with new figures showing immigration hitting an...

Top earners put retirement on hold after generous pension rule changes

Higher earners put retirement on hold after generous pension rule changesThe chancellor...

One in 10 low earners could suffer hardship if they are auto-enrolled into a pension, a study finds

The earnings trigger to automatically enroll in a pension is £10,000Extending automatic pension enrollment to...

America’s Great Retirement Divide: Wealthy households have almost TEN times more money saved for their future lives than middle-income earners, while only 1% of...

Wealthy households have almost ten times more money saved for retirement than middle-income households, a new landmark report reveals.Analysis by the Government Accountability Office...

Here are the top five US cities where high earners are taxed most

Workers earning more than $250,000 a year may want to avoid Portland because it imposes the highest taxes on high earners. An analysis by...


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