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Record-breaking ‘1,025km-long’ GPS dinosaur created by cyclists who rode for six days in France.

Revealed: Cyclists cycle for six days to create a '1025 km long'...

100 million year old dinosaur skull discovered in Queensland – WhatsNew2Day

'Huge' 100-million-year-old dinosaur skull discovered in central Queensland, revealing ancient secrets100 million...

The first nearly complete sauropod dinosaur skull found in Australia hints at ancient links between continents – WhatsNew2Day

In May and June 2018, Australia's first nearly complete skull of a sauropod - a group of long-tailed, long-necked dinosaurs...

Release of Ark 2 postponed – but that’s not all bad news for dinosaur fans

Now the T-Rex has a real reason to scream. Dino lovers and fans of well-kept survival need to be very strong now: Ark 2 will...

The largest dinosaur on earth is on display at the Natural History Museum, London

Forget about the terrifying T-Rex or Debbie Diplodocus - there's a new monster in town.Weighing in at 57 tons and spanning 121 feet from...

Dinosaur Bone Study Reveals That Not All Giants Grew Alike

When the paleontologist Michael D’Emic cut into the bones of Majungasaurus, a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex that roamed Madagascar 70 million years ago, he suspected that surprises might be hiding in them. But what he found defied all expectations. Majungasaurus adults measured up to 7 meters from snout to tail and could weigh 1,000 kilograms. Paleontologists


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