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Blizzard Devs Know Their Diablo IV Patch Was Bad

Three directors working on Diablo IV held a campfire chat live streaming yesterday saying that they will change the way they implement patches, after...

Explore the corruption of Diablo IV’s Malignant Hearts through its effects on Sanctuary

Diablo IV is off to a tremendous start, exciting and delighting (and horrifying) both new fans of the series and franchise veterans alike. ...

Diablo Cody Says Canned ‘Barbie’ Movie Starring Amy Schumer Was Trying To Have A “Girl-Boss Feminist Twist”

Diablo Cody says he dumped her Barbie The film's script, which would have seen Amy Schumer in the lead, "shit the bed" because the...

Blizzard has removed elite monsters from some of the popular Diablo 4 dungeons

Blizzard experienced a backlash from Diablo 4 players after the company dropped one of the best...

Diablo 4 has sold over $666 million in its first 5 days of release

On June 6, Diablo 4 was available, and the game was able to perform well in...

Blizzard reveals the most played category in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 released just over a week ago, and developer Blizzard revealed the most played category. According...

Actress Whoopi Goldberg asks Blizzard to release Diablo 4 on Mac

Although Diablo 4 is the fastest selling game from Blizzard, there is a certain gamer who...


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