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Rare ‘Dumbo’ Octopus Captured on Film at Depths of 5,500ft off Hawaii’s Coast

Halloween appears to have come early in the depths of the waves, as researchers discovered a rare "ghostly" octopus.A team of ocean explorers spotted...

Genshin Impact version 4.1: To the Stars Shining in the Depths out September 27

Hello travelers! He Genshin Impact The development team is back and today we would like to bring you the latest information on the...

Battle for Lunar Resources: India, Russia, Europe, the US, and China Compete to Extract Trillions in Precious Water, Helium, and Metals from the Moon’s...

Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo and goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. NASA has chosen her to personify its path back to...

New warning over ‘hi mum’ scam: How fraudsters have sunk to new depths in bid to con cash from vulnerable Brits

Scammers are now prepared to play the long game in their latest despicable attempt to gain cash from vulnerable people.In one case, a scammer...

Exploring the Atlantic’s Depths: Unveiling Titanic’s Secrets with Sonobuoys

A desperate search is underway for the missing Titanic submarine containing five people who are quickly running out of oxygen. Every 30 minutes, popping...

Startling Graphic Reveals the Astonishing Depths of the Titanic’s Missing Submarine

A shocking image has revealed how the missing Titanic submarine could have become trapped on the ocean floor in waters more than twice the...


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