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Man shares how his 106-year-old grandmother has defied all odds

'It's easier to name types of cancer she DID NOT have': Man...

Honoring Barry Humphries: The Cultural Trailblazer who Enriched the Arts Scene, Revolutionized Solo Performances, and Defied Cultural Inferiority Complex.

Barry Humphries started his career as a Dadaist. His street performances around Melbourne in the early 1950s foreshadowed performance...

A Star That Defied Death: New Findings Sheds Light on One of the Cosmos’ Most Extreme Environments

This illustration shows a glowing stream of material from a star as it is being devoured by a supermassive black hole in a tidal disruption flare. When a star passes within a certain distance of a black hole – close enough to be gravitationally disrupted – the stellar material gets stretched and compressed as it

How Queensland couple who are both battling cancer defied doctor’s expectations to have children

A couple who both received extremely rare and devastating cancer diagnoses defied doctor's expectations to have two children.Tony Cook, 54, was given just three...


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