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As a psychologist, I have identified seven signs that indicate your friend is in need of your assistance.

The fast pace of modern life means that the odd ignored text or outburst of anger over a costly bill can go unnoticed.But subtle...

A Resort That Draws Celebrity Travelers Unlike Any Other – $26,000 per Night

At the heart of an island paradise - nestled in the South Pacific between Australia and South America - lies a dream destination that...

Top BBC News Presenters Encouraged to Consider Redundancy as Their Bumper Pay Packets Total Up to £1.7 Million

Presenters known to be targeted by the BBC with letters of resignation in a money-cutting move earn up to £1.7million collectively.Some of the most...

The Austin Allegro’s Fanatics Beg to Differ: Is this Really Britain’s Most Terrible Car?

For millions of people, the Austin Allegro epitomizes the misery of 1970s Britain: unreliable, uncomfortable and ugly.Get ready for some pink nostalgia though as...

Paper Lace Bassist Cliff Fish Dies at 73 After Losing Battle with Cancer.

Cliff Fish dead at 73! Paper Lace bassist dies after losing...

The Moment Candice Warner Planned Suicide: Her Emotional Description

Candice Warner has shared the devastating moment when she was on the verge of taking her life during the fallout from her "bathroom visit"...

Lidia Thorpe, Senator, Engages in Verbal Altercation Outside Strip Club at 3am, Insinuating Small Genitalia.

Wild moment 'out of control' Senator Lidia Thorpe goes ballistic and sprays...


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