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Friday, September 22, 2023

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Incredible moment a poisonous SNAKE causes chaos at footy game as match is delayed by 30 minutes before catcher calmly removes creature from the...

An AFLW match in Blacktown was delayed for half an hour after a venomous snake entered the field. A red-bellied black snake, which only...

A mysterious deep-sea creature that no human has EVER seen may have laid the ‘golden egg’ that was discovered on the sea bed two...

Marine scientists have weighed in on the identity of the strange golden object lifted from the ocean floor off the coast of Alaska. The...

Is this China’s Loch Ness monster? Bizarre ’50ft-long creature’ is spotted in lake

A woman has claimed to have seen the Chinese Loch Ness Monster after spotting a 15m-long creature in a small lake.Captured in footage, Ms...

Creature of habit? Millions of Brits say they hate change but many think they could be happier if they were more spontaneous

Millions of Brits admit they hate change, but many acknowledge it could be holding them back, according to a survey.The survey of 2,000 adults...


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