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Monday, September 25, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 allows players to redeem their weapons

Developer Valve has confirmed in a tweet (below) that Counter-Strike 2 is now allowing players to...

Counter-Strike is the latest way to get news of the Ukraine war to the Russians

A Finnish newspaper has used a secret room in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map to provide...

Lava doesn’t fit Counter-Strike? Valve sees it differently – WhatsNew2Day

The floor is lava in CS:GO! With the new update even a little more than already. Most people think of Bowser's Fortress from Super...

Counter-Strike 2 downside: Bot wave swamps CS:GO servers – WhatsNew2Day

Even without a futuristic scenario, CS:GO players are currently fighting with many bots. If you're currently active in CS:GO yourself, you've probably noticed them: Characters...

Thanks to Counter-Strike 2, CS:GO skin sales are skyrocketing

Thanks to CS2, the CS:GO community is apparently wearing donation pants. Do you know that too: You have received really good news and now you...


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