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Australians struggling to afford basic needs as cost-of-living crisis soars, Salvation Army report

Sitting in a freezing cold car in the parking lot of your kid's school for seven hours, terrified you can't afford the fuel to...

View from The Hill: Budget ‘centrepiece’ will be $14.6 billion cost-of-living package

A four-year $14.6 billion cost-of-living package will be the centerpiece of Labour's second budget, which seeks to balance spending restraints...

MilkRun and three other food delivery services shut down this year due to a cost-of-living crisis – WhatsNew2Day

Why food delivery services continue to fail in Australia: Financial expert exposes...

Strikes, protests and industrial action: How fighting a cost-of-living crisis wasn’t always about tightening your own belt

Most people today are individually dealing with the rising cost of living: cutting back, looking for a better paying job,...

Stacey Solomon feels uncomfortable placing ‘super expensive’ getaway amid cost-of-living crisis

Stacey Solomon has admitted she feels uncomfortable posting about her "super expensive" vacation, as some of her fans struggle with the cost of living...

After taxes and cost-of-living adjustments, the $100,000 salary is $86,000 in Memphis, but only $35,000 in New York.

The lifestyle that a $100,000 salary can buy varies significantly across the country, but due to inflation, the quality of life is starting to...

Grim Gymea restaurant receipt exposes Australia’s inflation, cost-of-living crisis

Hundreds of mom-and-pop restaurants, cafes and shops are going under across Australia as the cost-of-living crisis hits, with an Italian restaurateur forced out of...


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