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“Cosmic Concrete” Made From Extra-Terrestrial Dust Is Twice As Strong as Regular Concrete

Starcrete sample. Researchers have found that mixing simulated Mars dust with ordinary potato starch creates a concrete-like material called StarCrete. In testing, StarCrete showed compressive strength of over twice that of ordinary concrete, with a strength of 72 Megapascals (MPa). The strength increased even further when using Moon dust, reaching over 91 MPa. Credit: Aled

Stunning photos show Jupiter and Venus in a rare ‘cosmic kiss’

Stargazers around the world were treated to a spectacular celestial embrace between Earth's two planetary neighbors last night. Venus and Jupiter — the two...

Jupiter and Venus set for rare ‘cosmic kiss’ TONIGHT as they appear side by side in the night sky

Jupiter and Venus will share a rare "cosmic kiss" tonight as the two planets appear side by side in the night sky.They'll come within...


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