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Ukraine fears its counter-offensive may NOT live up to hype and will add pressure to negotiate

Senior Ukrainian officials have expressed concern over the long-awaited offensive to regain occupied territories in the south and east of the country.After a failed...

Jack Teixeira, the Pentagon leaker, allegedly planned to execute a large-scale killing.

Jacques Teixeira, suspected Pentagon leaker accused of releasing classified intelligence files online and discussing "murder" online, will remain in prison.It comes after a judge...

Lions rescued from cramped cages in Ukraine start a new life in South Africa after suffering from hunger.

Hungry lions and tigers have been rescued from war-torn Ukraine and given a new lease of life at a game reserve in South Africa....

“Russian Military Aircraft Catches Fire and Crashes into a Lake”

A Russian military plane caught fire and crashed into a lake in...

“First Time Returning from War, Ukrainian Father Surprises His Family”

Dad's house! Emotional moment Ukrainian father surprises his 3-year-old daughter and...

Russian and Ukrainian officials expose Putin’s actual intentions behind Ukraine incursion

Ukrainian and Russian officials have alleged that Putin's true motives for invading Ukraine were motivated by revenge against Zelensky for punishing a Ukrainian politician...

Ukraine alleges that Russia has ceased attempting to expand its territory and is now prioritizing defensive measures.

The head of military intelligence in Kiev said Russia had abandoned almost all efforts to seize more territory and was now focusing on defending...


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