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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Over 40% of Californians considering quitting the state – and almost a third blame liberal politics

After years of woke politics, soft crime policing, and homelessness and outdoor drug use, many Californians have had enough.More than 40% are considering leaving...

Gavin Newsom refuses to back reparation payments to black Californians his own task force wants

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has again refused to support reparations payments to black Californians proposed by his own task force, which has also...

Some Californians saw a rare display of the northern lights. Here’s why it happened

University of Washington senior Anthony Edwards was returning to Seattle from a spring break road trip to the San Francisco Bay Area when...

Newsom vowed to forgive LGBTQ Californians. Only one living person has benefited

Three years after Gov. Gavin Newsom announced an initiative to pardon LGBTQ Californians who were prosecuted for being gay, only one living person has...

Are Californians fleeing ‘wake up’ politics and moving to Florida, as DeSantis claims?

Florida is likely to continue to attract seniors and retirees, but how much it will attract others will depend on what happens to...

Gov. Gavin Newsom won’t deliver a State of the State speech to Californians this year

SACRAMENTO — California Governor Gavin Newsom will not give a State of the State address this year, avoiding the teleprompter that has...

Black Californians could receive $365,000 each as part of ‘reparations’ scheme

Black Californians could be eligible for payments of $360,000 each as part of the state's plan to distribute "reparations" to descendants of slaves. ...


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