Enormous iceberg practically the size of Greater LONDON breaks off Antarctica’s Force Ice Rack

An enormous iceberg has actually broken off the Force Ice Rack in Antarctica, simply 12 miles (19 km) far from…

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Helena Bonham Carter, 56, claims acting industry ‘is still ageist and women get the brunt of that’

Helena Bonham Carter has claimed that the acting industry “continues to be discriminatory and women bear the brunt of it”.…

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Germany’s WAGs face the brunt of press inquiries, with a leading newspaper asking why they weren’t partying

Germany’s national press has sent their inquiries to the WAGs after the country’s departure from the World Cup – asking…

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Who is bearing the brunt of the UK’s economic downturn?

Of: In the front “The UK is finding it increasingly difficult to offer the standard of living that many people…

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