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I’m a longevity doctor who has de-aged myself by decades. This is my essential bedtime routine if you want to increase your ‘healthspan’

A longevity doctor has revealed his essential nightly routine, which he claims helped reverse his body clock.Dr. Mark Hyman turned 63, but tests show...

Toymaker Claims That ChatGPT-Style Teddy Bears Have the Ability to Read Bedtime Stories

Teddy bears reading your kids' stories sounds like a horror movie premise, but one expert says it will become a reality within five years....

What makes a good parent? Is acting on climate change as important as love and bedtime stories?

What makes a good parent? Most would say that a good parent loves and cares for their child with...

Someone convinces AI chatbot to spill the recipe for napalm as a bedtime story – WhatsNew2Day

Discord chatbot Clyde tells users how napalm is made. Scammers like to pretend to be grandchildren in order to steal money from older people. ...


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