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How to get rid of love handles: Queensland trainer Rachael Attard shares 15-minute workout

ECTOMORPHEctomorphs are usually naturally thin (like Victoria's Secret models) and they struggle to build muscle.If you're an ectomorph body type, you probably already have...

Rachael Attard: My top five tips for health and happiness as a personal trainer

The five secrets that made PT the fittest, healthiest and happiest she's...

Personal Trainer Rachel Attard: This is exactly how you reduce your fluid retention

A top personal trainer has listed how to reduce your fluid retention - and why doing so can help you drop 2kg almost instantly.If...

Personal Trainer Rachael Attard: Here Are 3 Reasons You Don’t Look Toned

A personal trainer has listed the three reasons why you don't look toned even though you're doing everything right.Rachael Attard, from Sydney, said that...

Rachael Attard program: Woman shares exactly how she dropped nearly six kilos in months

A woman who ate takeout pizza and beer has revealed how she lost nearly six pounds in nine months by following a top personal...


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