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Tag: Astronomers


Black holes keep ‘burping up’ stars they destroyed years earlier – and astronomers have no idea why

Astronomers made this discovery after spending years observing black holesStars involved in...

‘Astronomer’s Claim: Recovered ‘Alien’ Objects from the Pacific Ocean Bottom Could Originate from an Interstellar Planet, Harvard Physicist Discovers; Skeptics Demand Substantial Proof’

'Extraterrestrial' fragments recovered from the Pacific Ocean floor could have come from an alien planet outside our solar system, an astronomer has claimed.Planetary scientist...

Is anyone there? Astronomers spot a spooky question mark hidden next to a pair of young stars in deep space

It's a telescope that provided answers about the deep universe - but now it may be raising a question.The James Webb Space Telescope has...

Astonishing Encounter with a Dual-natured Celestial Phenomenon: A Peculiar White Dwarf composed of Both Hydrogen and Helium Surprises Astronomers

Astronomers have been 'puzzled' by the discovery of a two-faced star, with one side made up of hydrogen and the other helium. Nicknamed Janus...

Astronomers discover ‘brown dwarf’ that’s hotter than our sun

A little-known oddity in the universe are "brown dwarfs" - astronomical objects that aren't really stars or planets. Brown dwarfs are called "failed stars"...

Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Surprises Astronomers with Mysterious Echo

Scientists have detected an eerie echo emanating from a supermassive black hole four million times more massive than the sun at the center of...


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